Top Total for Matchbox Challenge!

27th April 2018
Children at Hanbury School have already helped smash our fundraising target for Bowel Cancer UK after just one challenge!
An outstanding £1403.50 has been raised through sponsorship of the Matchbox Challenge, where children were asked to fill a matchbox with as many single items as possible.
We have seen some incredible ideas, including googly eyes, petals and coal!
The children who managed to squeeze in the most and raise the most were announced in assembly today.  Congratulations to Scarlett, who fitted 117 items into her matchbox and to Rex who raised £87 in sponsorship.
Miss Bishop presented the pair with awards and said:  "We are all hugely impressed with how the children have got involved with our first challenge and the amazing amount of money they have raised so far.  Thank you so much to everyone who took part - who knew you could fit so much into a matchbox?
"We have already broken the £1000 mark, which we set at the start of the month.  We have lots more events planned, so we can't wait to see how far the totaliser will climb!"
Staff and pupils at Hanbury First School have pledged to raise funds for Bowel Cancer UK after our very own Mrs Kershaw received her diagnosis in September and continues to receive treatment.
Bowel Cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the UK.  We hope to get rid of the taboos surrounding bowel habits it and encourage more people who are sent test kits to return them.
The next fundraising challenge is the Emoji Poo colouring competition... click here to download your Poo!!
For more information and support, please visit: 
Incase you were wondering, here is what was in Scarlett's matchbox!
Mustard seed, chili flake, grain of rice, porridge oat, bulgar wheat, grain of coarse salt, peppercorn, scabble tile, cornflake, popcorn kernel, piece of spaghetti, candle wick, garden wire, keyring, match, screw, panel pin, nail, post-it, sticker, toothpick bluetac, kitchen foil, cling film, greaseproof paper, stamp, lego, hair grip, red snowflake, a bead, googly eye, gem, feather, pipe cleaner, sting, pencil lead, pencil sharpening, piece of drinking straw, ring pull, kitchen roll, kleenex, newspaper, notepaper, wrapping paper, lens wipe, sweet wrapper, cheque stub, tissue paper, toilet roll, barcode, price tag, photo, name label, clothes label, parcel tape, plectrum, material, photo corner, needle, thread, pin, zip, paperclip, food tie, safety pin, ribbon, needle threader, wool, elastic, sharpener blade, sequin, staple, plastic tag, grass, eye hook, glow star, chain, hook, eye, sugar strand, press stud popper, pres stud snap, badge, dime, curtain ring, loom band, button, washer, battery, cake silver ball, umbrella pin, drawing pin, clock winder, brad pin, rose thorn, piece of coal, egg shell, sea shell, magic eraser, mosaic tile, map pin, bow, gravel, cat litter, fuse wire, earring, butterfly back, tinsel, cotton wool, plaster, piece of bandage, rubber from a pencil, petal, leaf, pine needle, sandpaper, toy knife.