Art Club Gallery - Best of British

1st May 2020
To mark Captain Tom's 100th Birthday, we had a "Best of British" theme to Art Club on Thursday!  We saw lots of Union Flags designed in lots of inventive ways, along with other things that we love about this country!  The children at school showed how the 4 parts of the United Kingdom come together as one, by joining hand prints across the flag.  There was also lots of edible art as many of us thought about the food and drink that makes our country unique!
Join us on Tuesday for another hour of crafty creativity on our Twitter feed @HanburySchool
Thank you to everyone who came to Art Club on Thursday:  Ethan, Mrs Williams, Mrs Kenny, children of Essential Workers, Mrs Towler, Jess, Noah, Anabelle, Ollie, Josie, Alfred, Lilia, Mrs Ball