Art Club Gallery - Forgiveness

8th April 2020
As Easter Sunday draws nearer, the first Art Club of this week had the theme FORGIVENESS.  As always, there were so many wonderful and different approaches and styles of work created.
Some thought of times when they had to ask for or wanted to forgive, whilst others created art of the ways you could show you are sorry.  Some art-clubbers also focused on the small - but very important - word "sorry" which is not always easy to say.
Thank you to everyone who took part:  Josie, Ollie, Jess, Mrs Williams, Mrs Hope, Mrs Ball, Mrs Harper, Miss Jones, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Kenny, Mr Shaw
Thursday's Art Club will be a "Spring Chicken" special!  We're starting a little earlier incase anyone needs some more time.  Join us @HanburySchool on Twitter from 10.30am. We start sharing work at 12noon when we will also reveal a very special Easter treat!