Art Club Gallery - Spring Chicken

10th April 2020
Thursday's @HanburySchool Twitter Art Club was one of the most fun yet!
The song "Spring Chicken" is very special at our school.  It was one of Mrs Kershaw's favourites and it has now become a tradition to sing it at church every Easter.
So, ahead of Easter Sunday, we thought it fitting to make "Spring Chicken" the theme for Art Club.
Our amazing Art-Clubbers rose to the challenge and once again produced wonderful works of art.  There was plenty of the edible variety (yum!), along with traditional paintings, drawings, 3D creations (big and small!) and even practical art in the shape of bookmarks and sunglasses!
We hope you enjoy this very special Art Club gallery.  We think Mrs Kershaw would have liked it.
Thank you to everyone who came to Art Club on Thursday:  Bleubelle, Josie, Anabelle, Seb, Joseph, Noah S, Ollie, children of Essential Workers, Molly, Jess, Molly, Mrs Williams, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Kenny Miss Bishop, Mrs Hope, Ms Moseley-Downton, Mrs Ball, Mrs Harper, Mrs Darby, Miss Jones