Holiday Club: Week 3

23rd August 2020
The third and final week of Holiday Club proved the sweetest yet as we explored Roald Dahl's story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
We met all the characters in the book, thinking about how they looked and what their personalities were like.  At one stage we even got to act out conversations between the characters - it certainly showed us a different side to our holiday clubbers!
We then got to work on designing our very own dream chocolate bars which we created out of salt dough.  While they were drying and before we painted them, we designed wrappers using potato prints and came up with a name to tempt hungry customers to choose our creations!
Amongst others, we had "Crunch", "Stripy Buttons", "Chocolate Cabriolet", "The Mint, Milk Chunk" and "Rainbow Sprinkle"... mmmm!
During the week we also got to create our own milkshakes and designed a rock sweet (made out of a real rock... so don't be tempted to try them!).  Our Monster door hangers and dangly Mike Teevees also looked amazing!
The weather put pay to our plans for a lot of outdoor activities, but we enjoyed watching the film of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory when we needed a quick break from the fun and games inside!
On Friday we finished our week with a treasure hunt where we had to work hard to find and solve clues.  Then at last, we enjoyed a REAL chocolate tasting season, adding all kinds of different fillings... biscuit, jelly sweets, honey... but our overall favourite had to be chocolate coated Cheerios!
Thank you to EVERYONE who has come to join us at Holiday Club this month - we have truly loved seeing each and every smiling face.  The final display on the wall shows just how much we've been up to and what creative children we have seen!
Thank you also to everyone who has contributed to the organisation and delivery of the countless activities we've enjoyed!
Enjoy the rest of the holiday together - see you back at school in September!