Botanical Gardens Trip

10th May 2018
by Tessy
On Friday 20th April year 2 went to the Botanical Gardens.  We went with Mrs Shaw, Miss Jones and Mrs Wright and we went by coach.  We had to go to Birmingham but the driver went the long way!  I didn't like it because it was too long.  We where going because it was are Topic about Rainforests.
First we walked to the park.  I went on the fast, massive and fun slide.  The wether was sunny.  Next we went to see the noisy, loud and pretty birds.  We saw a colourful peacock on the roof!  We also saw wonderful plants.  Then we had lunch.
After, we went to the Glass Houses the first one was the cactus house it was dry.  The next one was the hot, tropical house it was really hot.  It was 26*c and it was hard to breath.
The next house was the sub tropical house.  We saw fish and a well.  It was cooler there.  The intresting bit was the different temprichers.  The leaves where huge!  They where so huge that there was not light on the ground!  We soor the kapoc tree, coffee tree and some pretty flowers.
After that we handled a smooth centipede, snake, African chameleon and a slimy snail.  Then we had to wosh hands.  My favourite part was the fun, amazing and fantastic park.