Breaking News... Egg Update!

29th January 2020
The 5 Hanbury eggs we are caring for as part of our focus on our new Christian Vision have had eventful second days... some more positive than others!  Despite some tricky times, everyone is showing how they can try and make sure they are "flourishing through love and nurture."
The sad news is that despite their very best first aid efforts, Reception could not help Ethel who suffered from injuries after rolling a bit too far.  Well done for trying your best Reception - we know you cared for Ethel and were very sad to see her go.
Dave is suffering from a few bruises after a busy day in Year 1, but has gone home for a nice rest.  He didn't brave Forest School this morning, but had a lovely time at Celine's house yesterday.
Eggbert has been read to by Year 2 and even joined their PE lesson this afternoon, wearing his new hat made especially for him.  Well done to Nora for taking good care of him last night and for her top tip that Ruby will remember this evening... "If you put him on a table, don't leave him near the edge."
Eggy went temporarily blind after a googly eye fell off, but Year 3 showed their nurturing side and have nursed him back to full health.  Logan was a great host last night!
Finally, Gregg listened to the Sheep Pig in Year 4 this morning.  He was excited when some ducks appeared in the story.  Gregg has been given a wonderful sleeping bag by last night's host, Tessy, and the class have completed a risk assessment for the time they have to care for him.