Eco Council

Hanbury C of E First School is proud to be a Bronze Eco School.

Each year two children in years 1 – 4 volunteer to become a Hanbury Eco Warrior.  Our Eco team is lead by Mrs Ellis and Mrs Larner and meetings take place once a month.

We learn about how to look after our environment and discuss the things we can do as a school to help with this. Our Eco Warriors help to choose the activities that take place throughout the year. 

At Hanbury, we commit to:

Recycling plastic and paper.
Picking up our litter and cleaning up our countryside.
Composting our fruit waste.
Saving electricity by switching off white boards and lights, turning off heaters and closing doors behind us.
Helping our wildlife by making bird feeders and regularly feeding the birds.
Regularly talking about our outdoor environment, the beautiful countryside we are so lucky to be surrounding by and the importance of supporting nature.