Egg-citement for Hanbury Christian Vision!

28th January 2020
To mark the launch of the school's new Christian Vision, children at Hanbury CE First School have been given an egg-citing challenge that staff hope will bring them... out of their shells!
The Reverend David Morris paid one of his regular visits to see us today, but each class was also introduced to another character that they have to look after all week - an egg!
The school has revised and updated its Christian Vision, which aims to summarise how it thinks about the makeup of the school.  Its four "big stones" compliment its overall ethos of "Flourishing through love and nurture".
The "big stones" are important building blocks and encompass all we do.  They are the reason we flourish.  We are a family founded on love and nurture, we build resilience for life, we are outward looking and we celebrate every forward step.
To appropriately egg-splain the Vision to pupils at the school, everyone spent a morning thinking, drawing and writing about what "flourishing" means.  We also talked about how we  can help ourselves and others to flourish.
We then put these ideas into practice by focusing attention on our class eggs!  We gave each one a name and tried to provide it with a safe, nurturing environment.  Reception were very keen to make sure Ethel was kept warm, whilst Year 2 built a place for Eggbert to live and sleep.
They were joined at lunchtime by Dave (from Year 1), Eggy (from Year 3) and Gregg (from Year 4) when a few brave children volunteered to look after them!  Year 2 even read Eggbert a story as they were keen for him to have company and learn.
Along with the eggs, each child has also been given their own plant pot and some seeds to nurture at home.
"Our Christian Vision is at the very heart of everything we do here at Hanbury and everyone has a part to play in it," said RE Co-ordinator, Lynn Ball.  "We hope that the time we have spent all together and with Reverend Morris today has shown the children they are a vital part of that vision.
"We've already seen lots of ways the children have cared for and helped their eggs to flourish already and can't wait to see how the rest of the week goes!
"Growing seeds are another brilliant way to show what a difference a bit of time, care and attention can make," she added.  "We hope the sweet peas we have sent home are a fun and rewarding challenge for everyone."