Year 4 News: 27th February 2020

27th February 2020
Star of the Week:  Aaron
Mathematician of the Week:  Lilly W-W
Writer of the Week:  Amelia
Rocking Reader:  Renee
Values Champion: Harry
Year 4 have once again been busy learning songs and rehearsing for our big show. Thank you so much to all those parents who have already helped with costumes. Although we haven’t asked for them, lots of you have offered to help suit and boot our characters. We have found lots of costumes so please don’t feel obliged to buy anything.

Literacy:  we have been learning how to use embedded clauses in our writing. With the help of songs, we are getting very good at using the correct punctuation too.

We have completed a dictation in English too and realised that some of us need to brush up on our spelling, in particular our year 3 and year 4 common exception words. These are the words in our spelling logs but you can also find activities online to help you learn the words we need to be able to spell before we move into year 5.

Numeracy:  RUCSAC has been the key to our work in problem solving in maths this week. We have had to convert units of measure and choose the important information from word problems and then calculate the answers. We’ve even used the inverse operation to check our answers.
Forest School:  Thursday's session was great. We enjoyed a lovely walk in the grounds of Hanbury Hall, studied the trees and learned about the ‘ghost trees’ too. We practised our sketching skills in the fresh air and had a bite to eat before strolling back to school.

The year 4 times tables check is drawing nearer so don’t forget to keep practising. TT Rock Stars is a great way but there are plenty of others too, including Hit the Button.