Festive Friends Add Christmas Spirit!

8th December 2020

The Friends of Hanbury C of E First School and our pals at Scooters have helped bring an extra pop and sparkle to school this month! 

Class Christmas parties held in the hall have been extra special thanks to Scooters, who have decorated the space with beautiful paper chains and fairy lights, adding friendly snowmen and gingerbread men to the windows!  

The classrooms have also been made extra jolly thanks to parents and carers from The Friends of Hanbury School – their spectacular door decorations have brought a smile to everyone’s faces! 

The Friends also generously donated party bags for every child, which they are given when eating their party lunch in their class bubbles this week.  The party poppers, crackers and bubbles bring lots of fun to the festivities! 

The group of volunteers who work hard throughout the year to provide extra opportunities for all Hanbury children have also granted them a Christmas wish.

A highlight of the normal school year is a trip to the pantomime, so as a very generous alternative, The Friends have very kindly organised for a performance of Cinderella to be streamed into each classroom on December 15th.

“We love Christmas!” said Headteacher Andrew Payne.  “The children have been fantastic all term and the staff have worked incredibly hard, so this year everyone really deserves a special celebration. 

“Thanks to The Friends and Scooters, we’ve been able to give each bubble a terrific party day and have ensured the Christmas spirit is well and truly alive throughout the school." he added.

"Its such a shame that we can't all go to the pantomime, but thanks to The Friends, WE SHALL GO TO THE BALL!"