Flourishing Through Love and Nurture

22nd January 2020
Hanbury CE First School are looking forward to hearing from parents after it launched the first draft of its new Christian vision today.
The school reviewed how it thinks about the makeup of the school and developed "big stones" to compliments its overall ethos of "Flourishing through love and nurture".
The "big stones" are important building blocks and encompass all we do at Hanbury and are the reason we flourish:
We are a family founded on love and nurture
Our door is always open to listen, to understand and support families.  We are here to offer stability at difficult (challenging, times of need) times, supporting all, regardless of their personal circumstances to do their very best.  We show love to one another by living our Core Christian Values:  Kindness, Compassion, Friendship, Forgiveness, Endurance, Respect and Trust).
We build resilience for life
We teach children to take risks and to develop life skills so that they grow in responsibility.  We learn through our mistakes and put no limit on our aspirations for the future.  We encourage children to accept that we can overcome disappointments and look for/seek/build alternative, positive outcomes/solutions.
We are outward looking
We engage with both the local and wider community and celebrate the difference and diversity of society today.  Our curriculum encapsulates both global and cultural issues in order to equip our children with the tools to debate the big questions in life.
We look for opportunities, embrace change and adapt, to ensure our school community continues to grow with the world.
We celebrate every forward step
We like to see members of our school community flourishing, regardless of age or ability.  We celebrate achievement, no matter how small.  We like to capture the moment ensuring individuals feel valued.
"We have put our thoughts together and it is very important to us that we hear the voices of our children's families and carers," said RE Coordinator, Mrs Ball.
"Any feedback will be greatly received and will possibly be integrated in the final draft of this important document.
"In the meantime, we are making the message clear to everyone who visits the school, by displaying our Christian ethos proudly in Reception!"
Comments or questions can be emailed to:  office@hanbury.worcs.sch.uk