Freddie's Fundraising Ramps Up!

24th September 2020

It has only been one week since the campaign to fund a ramp at Hanbury First School was launched by the family of one of our fantastic pupils, but we are amazed at the response so far!

As ever, the Hanbury Family have dug deep to raise over £1,500 of the £20,000 needed to make changes that would enable Freddie to move around the school more easily.

Freddie was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2018 at the age of just 4 years old. He is currently in the maintenance stage of his treatment.

Our treasured Year 2 friend is in pain everyday which has to be controlled with slow release morphine and top ups of Orel morphine throughout the day. Being on his feet so much, Freddie gets extremely tired and needs to be able to use a wheelchair.

Freddie loves going to school and really enjoys learning and playing with his friends.  His family are desperate to ensure he can keep developing friendships, learning new skills and having lots of fun with his friends.

Freddie’s Mum and Dad, along with the school have tried to find a way of funding the project, but sadly monies are not available. Therefore, Mrs Holland has set up a JustGiving page which we hope will help will raise enough money to make the necessary changes to our site that will not only benefit Freddie, but other pupils too.

“Freddie is such an enthusiastic pupil.  We are incredibly grateful for the donations made so far, but hopefully this will inspire as many people to donate to this worthwhile and life-changing project,” said Headteacher, Mr Payne.

“We understand that the local authority is responsible for an increasing number of children with additional needs. We endeavour to be a fully inclusive school and are happy to work with all agencies to insure that Freddie and the future generations of Hanbury pupils have full access to our wonderful environment.”

Mrs Holland said:  “The headmaster and teachers are so supportive and caring and have given Freddie so much care and support over the last few years. We really couldn’t ask for a better school for him to be a pupil at. 

“All we want is our little boy to be happy and to be safe in his school environment like the rest of the children."

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