Friendship Assembly

15th October 2020
Year 2 made Hanbury history today, taking to Zoom and presenting our first Class Assembly of the term.
Our current Hanbury Christian Value is "Friendship", so the class told the story of the Little Red Hen who needed help to make bread.  She thought the cat, dog and duck would be good friends and help out, but each time she asked, they said no.
When it came to eating the bread, they were more than keen - but the Little Red Hen thought otherwise... maybe she shared it with some other friends instead?!
The children reflected on how they kept friendships strong during lockdown - facetiming and meeting at a distance.  Then they performed a poem about schoolfriends and said 2 special prayers written by Molly and Betty.
The class were given some lovely feedback by the children who watched from the safety of their class bubbles, showing that even if we aren't in the same year group, we're a friendly lot at Hanbury!