Hanbury Head is Moving On

22nd February 2021
A letter has been sent out to families today, announcing the news that our wonderful Headteacher, Mr Payne will be enjoying a well-earned rest from September. 
He means so much to so many of us, so we wanted to share his thoughts with you...
I am writing to inform you that I will be leaving Hanbury First School at the end of this academic year 2020/21, meaning my last day as head teacher at Hanbury First School will be 31st August 2021.
It has not been an easy decision to say goodbye to this all-consuming way of life, but I feel the school is in a good position to move on to a new chapter, as I will be doing in my life.
There is always more a head teacher would like to achieve for their school and pupils but I am sure, with both the experienced and dedicated staff and governors, Hanbury First School will continue to grow and have a bright future. It has been a privilege to be the head teacher of Hanbury First School during the last 14 years and to be part of the Hanbury community.
There have been a number of challenges over the years but the joy of seeing our pupils, not only developing their academic skills but developing as children, makes it truly worthwhile. It is always wonderful to watch those small young children who take those tentative steps into Reception, on their first day, become confident young pupils ready for their next school.
I have always believed our modern way of life has brought pressure on us all, especially our children and what is expected of them academically at such a young age. At Hanbury I have tried to develop a happy balance between giving our pupils a solid academic foundation while remembering to seize the moment. Catching hail stones, dressing-up, baking cakes, cooking on an open fire, Easter egg-hunting, performing on stage, singing in church, meeting Father Christmas and of course jumping in puddles and getting muddy are all the things young children need to experience, and if children are happy and safe they will always learn.
During my time at Hanbury I have got to know many families and, along with the staff, I have endeavoured to support and guide you through the everyday stresses of having a child at school as well as those more difficult periods in life we don’t see coming. Likewise, you have supported both myself and my team through some challenging times, especially during the current pandemic, where your kind words and tokens of appreciation have kept us all going and reminds me how lucky I have been to be a part of this wonderful school.
What the rest of this academic year will bring is uncertain but I am optimistic that all the children will be back in school soon and we can, once again, be the Hanbury School we all know and love.
During the next few terms I will be working hard with the governors to ensure the school will be placed in good hands so it continues to have a long and happy future.
Yours Sincerely,
Andrew Payne