Hanbury Science Week 2018

15th February 2018
There has been a real buzz around school this week... but don't worry - its probably just a rocket lifting off, a cloud forming or a rubber ball bouncing along the corridor!
Science Week kicked off with an assembly from Mr Payne who demonstrated some super science using only the force of air.  We all wanted to know HOW?!
On Monday, Year 1 found out that the coloured coating on skittles dissolves when you add water and makes a beautiful pattern as it disperses.  Year 4 made their very own rubber balls and enjoyed testing them on the playground!
Tuesday saw Fizz Pop Science visit every class to show us some more amazing activities.  Some of us took part and used the power of bubbles to launch a rocket and saw how helium can make a real BANG!
We all continued with our science theme on Wednesday - investigating the weather and reversible / irreversible changes in state.  Year 2 used science to create some delicious chocolates and gummy bears by melting ingredients, then turning them solid again!
Year 3 created their own weather in a jar using shaving foam and food colouring, then made suncatchers on Thursday.
All the staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure the week has been fun for everyone, with engaging and interesting science taking place in every classroom, every day.
It is fantastic to hear that the children have been talking about all the wonderful activities they have enjoyed at school!