Head Hails Home Learners!

30th January 2021
As we arrive at the end of our third week of remote learning I felt it was important to touch base with you all... writes Headteacher, Mr Payne.
This is an extremely difficult time for everybody and home learning on this scale is still relatively new for you and your children as well as the staff.  You are all doing the very best you can and that is amazing.
It is very easy to put pressure on yourself and think that your child could be doing more or doing their work better but as we know sometimes just getting your child up in the morning is an achievement in itself.
These are unprecedented circumstances and it is vital that we remember that being kind to ourselves and our mental health and wellbeing is as important, if not more, than online lessons and academic achievement. Providing your child with security, love and comfort during what is a traumatic time for them is of the utmost importance and should come first. It is only when all of these building blocks are in place that a child can truly begin to learn.
It is with this in mind that we have decided to put some parameters in place as to what we expect from home/remote learning. As a staff, we have communicated with parents via our online platform and taken on board comments about how successful learning has been. We have had meetings with parents and discussed as a staff the successes and changes that may need to be made.
We are never going to find a schedule or timetable that suits everybody so we have decided, as a school of highly qualified individuals, on what a child may reasonably be able to achieve during the day. It is also not feasible to design bespoke timetables for individuals, particularly where the cohort consists of 30 children.
Each individual teacher has been given the option of choosing their preferred way of delivering remote learning, taking into consideration their class and their professional judgement of how their children learn. I have confidence that each teacher has made the correct choice for their class and I will not be expecting, nor asking them to do anything outside of this, unless it has been approved by myself or the Deputy Head, who is also our highly qualified SENCo.
Hanbury C of E First School has over 100 years of combined teaching experience and I have complete faith that they are doing the best for your children. We welcome questions but please be advised that Seesaw is not a platform for advising qualified teachers and staff on how best to provide for a class of 30. We ask you to trust and respect the work of the staff and their responses to any enquiries.
Each time you communicate via Seesaw, a notification is sent to the teacher. Some teachers, particularly those of the bigger cohorts, are often dealing with more than 200 notifications per day! Many factors were taken into consideration, including this, as decisions were being made and we have done what we feel is best for pupils, parents and staff.
Below I have given a summary of what each phase can expect.
Reception:  Activities will continue to be assigned on Tapestry. Zoom sessions as arranged by the class teacher.
KS1 (Years 1 and 2):  There will be two activities assigned each day, a daily zoom session, reading opportunities for individuals plus activities from the learning pack sent home.
KS2 (Years 3 and 4):  There will be three activities assigned each day, a daily zoom session plus activities from the learning pack sent home.
Rest assured that any work your child is assigned is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and is age appropriate.
Please do not underestimate the benefits of play and creativity. These are the activities that are going to provide your child and yourself with respite and a therapeutic outlet for the worries and anxieties surrounding the current situation. Mental health is something that we all have and need to look after.
Although school is open to the children of critical and key workers and so far we have managed to keep all bubbles open, it has not been easy. It can be difficult, when times are hard, to remember that everybody can have challenging and worrying circumstances.
As a school we are no different and in recent months have suffered illnesses and bereavement, whilst trying to keep a smile on our faces and provide security for our family of children. Many of the staff have vulnerable family members to worry about whilst trying to continue the provision that your children deserve. We are all in this together and need to continue supporting each other through this difficult time.