Head Pays Tribute to Hanbury Family

26th November 2020
Mr Payne has recognised the support Hanbury C of E First School has received from parents and carers and thanked them for their overwhelming positive feedback.

“In recent months the school’s Christian Vision of ‘flourishing through love and nurture’ has been more evident than ever before,” he said.
“Since we were faced with the implications of the COVID outbreak, we have tried very hard to set clear procedures and guidelines to keep school happy and healthy for everyone.
“Parents and carers have respected our requests and continue to play a major role in the way we are dealing with a difficult and constantly changing situation.

“Every member of staff has been working incredibly hard,” he added. “The way our families have adapted and helped, has enabled us to provide our wonderful pupils with as normal a school day as possible.”

Mr Payne’s comments are reflected in feedback from a recent survey, with almost half of Hanbury families responding.

All agreed there is a high standard of behaviour, with over 95% of respondents saying their child enjoys school. Whilst 4.7% weren’t sure, 95.3% said they feel their child is safe in school.

One respondent commented about her son: “He seems very happy and settled at Hanbury and that means everything to me.”

The friendliness of staff and the way concerns are dealt with were also highlighted, along with the values and attitudes the school upholds.

“The core values of the school are always reflected through their learning,” said one of the 100% of positive responses to this area.

The parents of children moving on to Middle School were equally enthusiastic, all agreeing that their child had received a balanced education, made good progress, had been well looked after and left with happy memories.

“You only have to speak to my daughter and she will tell many stories of exciting learning opportunities from Reception onwards,” said one parent. “They are always told with a giggle!”

Areas for work were recognised by Mr Payne, including the provision of more after school clubs and the limited car park space.

“To some extent, we are limited as to what we can do about these issues due to the fact we are a small, village school, but we are always on the lookout for possible solutions,” he said. “I’m glad we give lots of opportunities for parents to provide feedback in surveys like these and at our regular parents meetings.”

“Despite these unprecedented times, the overwhelming evidence is that we really are a family here at Hanbury, founded on love and nurture, building resiliance for life. I’m incredibly proud of every pupil, parent and staff member and am grateful for the way we are playing our part and looking out for each other.

“If we all continue to show such kind understanding, I’m sure we will get through these difficult days together.”