Hello Homeschoolers!

24th June 2020

After welcoming back Reception and Year 1, staff at Hanbury First School wanted to make sure those who are not able to return yet are reassured that they are not being forgotten.

A number of families have mentioned that their children were asking if we would remember them, or wondered if we would recognise them after being at home for so long, so we wrote to all the children in a bid to quash any worries!

Here is the letter in full...

Hello Year 2, 3 and 4!  How are you?

This month we have been allowed to welcome the children in Reception and Year 1 back to school. They have joined the children of key workers in their own little classes or “bubbles” as we call them.

It is really lovely to see the younger children; however, we understand that it might seem strange that they are allowed back but that you are being asked to stay at home. Some of you might even have brothers or sisters who are at school.

Mr Payne wishes he was allowed to ask you all back, but there are important rules he has to follow that are in place to keep you, your families, friends and teachers safe. We have to make sure everyone’s “bubble” is happy and healthy, so we have been told that each group has to be nice and small.

You and your families have all been amazing for so long now, showing how we live out our Hanbury Values of friendship, endurance, forgiveness, trust, kindness and respect. We have seen lots of wonderful work sent into school, along with pictures and news about how you have been making the most of what is a really tricky time.

If you are feeling a bit confused, fed up or even a bit cross about the way things are at the moment we really do understand. It is very important that you try to tell a grown up if you are feeling unhappy or worried. They can try and answer your questions, find something to do to cheer you up, help you to keep in touch with your friends and teachers or maybe just give you a big cuddle.

Everyone at school is incredibly proud of each and every one of you. We think and talk about you all the time and miss you very much. You can be sure that as soon as those rules say that we can ask you all back, we will... and what a happy day that will be!

A special mention to our fabulous Year 4s... there is no way we are going to let you leave without saying a proper goodbye! It might not be before you start your new schools, but we will try very hard to make sure you get a chance to be together again as a class. Mrs Ball and Mrs Hope are working with your new schools to try and make this time of change as exciting and enjoyable as possible.

Keep in touch, keep positive and keep being brilliant!

Mr Payne has also written directly to Year 4, revealing plans to invite them back in September to say an official "goodbye"!