Helping Hands Visit Reception!

24th January 2020
Some very special people are paying a visit to Reception over the next few weeks, as part of their topic about people who help us.
On Monday, Ed the pilot cam to speak to the children about his job.  He showed photographs of the maps he uses to fly, showing the "roads in the sky"!  There were lots of photographs of the different types of planes he has flown, and the children even got to see what the cockpit looks like!  The special headphones Ed has left are a real hit, and everyone has been enjoying pretending to be pilots!
On Thursday, Dr Szuszman, Dr McLeod, Dr Chohan and Dr Parry came to spend morning all about anatomy, emergency first aid, healthy and unhealthy habits.  They brought along a range of medical equipment.  Everyone got to act out an emergency telephone call and to hear the kind of questions that might get asked if you have to ring 999.
"We can not thank our visitors enough for giving up their time to spend with us," said Reception Teacher, Mrs Miills.  "The children are still buzzing - they have learned so much from meeting all our wonderful guests.
"We are looking forward to finding out about other people who help us when we welcome some more visitors next week!"