Heroes News: 12th July 2020

12th July 2020
Wow, what an incredibly busy week - we cant believe we are nearly finished on our around the world tour! Week 6 sees us in ...
North America. 
The children have had a very art and crafty week. They started the week by learning about pop art and created some beautiful pictures inspired by Roy Lichenstein and Andy Warhol. They also enjoyed reading the Cat in the hat books and had a go at their own version with some rhyming couplets.
In Science, the children compared the wildlife in our grasslands to that of the North American Prairies. We started by making some bug hotels for our local minibeasts to enjoy and then went on the learn about how animals such as bears and coyotes have adapted to live in these environments.
We discovered that before it was colonised the first nation tribes had lived there. The children enjoyed finding out more about their culture and we created totem poles to tell stories and dream
We can't wait for our final week and the last destination on our tour of the continents. Can you guess where we are heading?