Heroes News: 14th June 2020

14th June 2020
This week we have had to wrap up warm as we have enjoyed learning all about ... The Antarctic.
In Literacy we researched all about an amazing explorer called Ernest Shackleton who showed remarkable endurance in his quest to be the first person to walk across the barren ice. Some of our class used this to write diary entries whilst others read the book Lost and found and wrote letters to persuade the penguin to come and live with them. We really enjoyed finding out which animals lived there compared to the Arctic and then wrote riddles with the facts that we had learnt. 
We had a quick recap on shapes this week and made 3D shape 'icebergs, had a guess at the shapes trapped in the ice by looking at their properties , made Polar animal patterns and explored new vocabulary such as symmetrical. Some of the class also found  the perimeter, area and angles on 'icebergs' and explored reading thermometers into negative numbers. 
The children have made southern light pictures and have created a variety of antarctic art pieces including snowglobes and suncatchers.
Unfortunately during our exhibition several (lego figure) explorers became trapped in the ice and we had to use what we had in our backpacks to save them. We decided that global warming was affecting the ice so one should be by a window, salt and sugar was also added to see what would happen. Surprisingly though it was the  explorers in room temperature water that melted the fastest.
Looking forward to next week's adventure!