Heroes News: 21st June 2020

21st June 2020

This week we have visited the amazing continent of Asia- which is made up of 48 countries.

We however decided to concentrate on China. 

In our Literacy lessons we learnt the fable of ‘The Magic Pot’; a tale of a woodcutter and his wife who had a special pot that kept making more and more porridge. It taught us an important lesson about sharing with others. We also created Chinese menus to help us with our work on money. 

We learnt about Chinese celebrations and followed instructions to make a paper lanterns. The next day we created our own step by step instructions to teach others how to make this simple decoration.

We focused on learning about currency this week. It was hard but we kept looking at the clues on the coins. Some of our class explored buying more than one thing and working out change. We explored which was a better method: the column method or using a number line. 

The children created beautiful blossom pictures and learnt about how the great wall of China was built. They then used the construction equipment to build their own great walls.