Heroes News: 28th June 2020

28th June 2020
We can't believe that we are on week 4 already- we have been having such an adventure in Hero class. This week we have visited Europe.
Each day we tried to visit a different country including Spain, Germany, Italy and France.
Whilst in 'Spain' we visited Barcelona and enjoyed visiting several landmarks including Sagrada Familia and wrote postcards home. The children also learnt about the artist Gaudi and created some beautiful mosaics. 
In 'Germany' we learnt how their schools are similar and different to our. Did you know they don't start school until they are 6. We also learnt the colours of the rainbow in german.
On Thursday we visited Italy and learnt all about an Inventor called Leonardo da Vinci. we were inspired to create out own inventions including a time machine and  robots to help look after us. We learnt about the leaning tower of Pisa and why it was such an important landmark. That afternoon we made our own leaning structures using 12 pieces of spaghetti, plastciine and three pieces of cellotape. The children managed to make some tall and strong structures that even held playmobil figures.
On our last day in Europe we visited 'France' and had a traditional french breakfast. We also learnt our colours in french. 
We have also been recapping on our time skills this week, remembering how to read an analogue clock.
We can't wait for next weeks adventure...