Hold The Front Page... Dino Report!

15th July 2020
Pupils in Reception turned their hands to journalism after an egg-cellent story emerged from their learning this week!
After discovering a dinosaur egg in the garden, the children made a cosy nest to protect their precious find.  Whilst they waited for it to hatch, they have spent the week making salt dough fossils and awesome artwork out of natural materials.
To their surprise, the egg hatched overnight, so they all went on a dinosaur hunt to see if they could spot the baby roaming in the Hanbury countryside!  The trail has inspired the children to write their own version of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" but with a dino-twist!
The children asked their teacher, Mrs Ball if they could tell the newspapers all about the dinosaur egg and where their pet might have gone... so they picked up their pencils and became ace reporters!