Holiday Club: Week 2

16th August 2020
We joined the Mr & Mrs Grinling and Hamish the Cat beside the sea this week.
We enjoyed a story from the series of books written by Ronda and David Armitage every day, including "The Lighthouse Keepers Cat" and "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch"... which made our tummies rumble!
Everyone lent a hand to build a paper mâché lighthouse which we painted in Hanbury green on Friday... we can't wait to see it lit up!
We also made bright, deco patch lighthouses, colourful jam jar lanterns, seaside mobiles, brazen seagulls (like the ones that ate Mr Grinling's lunch), swimming jellyfish, curled up Hamish the cats.... we even baked delicious pies, just like Mrs Grinling did.
Mrs Grinling sent Mr Grinling his lunch via a pulley system from the shore to his lighthouse, so we became engineers, designing a method of moving a car from one place to another using just a handful of lego and a length of string.  The ideas were fantastic, with everyone finding success in so many different and clever ways.
The heat was intense this week too, so we enjoyed lots of time outside in the shade - we took our story time and painting outside, creating marvellous lighthouse masterpieces.  We also enjoyed being in the garden where we constructed our own lighthouse, cottage and boats.
Time flies when you are having fun, so we can't believe next week is the third and last week of Holiday Club.  The children are having a terrific time keeping happy and busy all day long and are creating some amazing crafts to show for their efforts!
Happy Birthday to 100% Holiday Clubber, Leon, who celebrated his Birthday with us this week... we played lots of fun party games and had a lovely day together.