Reception News: 31st January 2020

31st January 2020
Star of the Week:  Jacob
Writer of the Week:  Oliver
Rocking Reader:  Caitlyn
Mathematician of the Week:  Ethan
Values Champion:  Dylan
Forest School:  This week we had another trip to the Jinney Ring for forest school. Last time they were there, the children showed an interest in finding bugs and spotting birds, so this week we built on that interest by giving them bug collection pots and ID charts, and they made bird feeders. They also had a bird sheet to ID any birds they spotted, but sadly we just too noisy for any birds to land! Hopefully they'll enjoy the food we left for them now we have gone.

We had the rope bridge up too again today, and the rope was a little higher than normal, which the children loved! It was an extra challenge for them to get on the rope - they really enjoyed this and there was a long queue to have a turn!

Music:  The children spontaneously began to conga after responding to the music. Their encore was to rap the ABC and learn new nursery rhymes.  Rapping, conga, lullabies - we all got into the Friday spirit!
Library Visit:  This week we were lucky enough to have another couple of visitors. We had two lovely librarians from our local library come to read us some stories and talk to us about how we can use the library.
It is free to join the library and we can take up to 12 books out at a time! I have got some library card forms just in case they haven't got a library card yet, so please come and find me if you'd like one.
We also learnt all about the Summer reading challenge where you have to read 6 books and win stickers and prizes and even get medals. It would be lovely to see children complete these challenges and bring their medals in in September. It was a great treat as we love stories in Reception Class. Thank you Droitwich Library.
Eggstremely Interesting Week:  This week we have gained a new classmate, Ethel. She was our class egg that we had to love and nurture.  Ethel is a non boiled egg so the stakes were high! We decorated Ethel with help from the children by voting for different features, I think you will all agree she looked absolutely stunning.

We discussed what we thought we needed to do to ensure we didn't break the egg and if someone did accidentally break the egg how we would react.  We chose children to look after Ethel during play times and lunch times and they have to decided between them about who is responsible for nurturing the egg.
We pulled names out of a hat for Ethel to go home with on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Sadly, during free choice on Wednesday, the unthinkable happened.... Ethel cracked her head during a game of schools. The children were absolutely shocked! Before we had any tears we quickly thought on our feet to think of a solution as none of us wanted it to be game over.
We decided the first aid kit, some plasters and a cold compress might do the trick. We monitored the egg for any leakage where she might have had to undergo more treatment.
Ethel became unable to fix when she 'rolled' on the floor. The children were upset and said some kind words about Ethel such as "we hope you manage to get put back together", "we will miss you playing with us", "we hope your head doesn't hurt too much". We had a discussion about how it was an accident and that there are no hard feelings. As a class we thought about whether we should replace the egg or not. We had some very thoughtful ideas for both sides. Some of the children did say a prayer for Ethel which was lovely. 
Firefighter visit: Wow what can I say! We have had a fantastic morning with 4 fighters. They showed us all their equipment, taught us the stop, drop and roll and how to crawl and go should we ever need to. We got to ask them lots of questions and quickly learnt that their job doesn't just involve rescuing cats from trees. We even got to use the hose and sit in the fire engine. Mrs Mills has a lovely clean car now, thanks kids! We have a had a wonderful morning and learnt so much about being in the fire service. It is so lovely to see how engaged the children were. They may ask you to test your alarms tonight. The firefighters commented on how super their behaviour was which, I'm not surprised one bit from this super class.
Police visit:  We were totally spoilt with visitors on Wednesday. We ended the afternoon with PC Aiden. He told us all how we can keep safe and what number to call if we need help. We learnt all about the role of a police officer and how it is not just catching bad guys! We now know how to cross a road safely, what to do if we get lost and when we need to call 999. We loved going to see the police car and have a sit inside. We got to see the blue flashing lights and hear the really loud sirens that they use in an emergency. 
Nurse Amanda visit:  Nurse Amanda who works on A&E came in after a night shift to see us at Hanbury. The children got to write their own name bands for if they had to go into hospital - red would normally mean we all have an allergy.  Amanda used dressing and steri strips to patch us up (don't worry we aren't hurt), we also made some hand balloons with the gloves which was fun. We learnt all about being a nurse and why we might have to go to hospital. Amanda also brought us some more bits for our role play area. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit. 
What a week!  We can't wait to see what next week will bring!