Rainbows News: 28th June 2020

28th June 2020
Mrs Ball couldn't believe her eyes or ears after she taught us the word "adjective".  We learned that it describes people and things. We were so good that we used these special words to describe the textures in the story. We all chose which texture in the story we wanted to write about and we used a photo to help us with our sentences.  Mrs Ball said they were absolutely amazing.
In maths, we have found pairs of numbers with dominoes and made the sum.  Doubling has been our challenge this week.  We have doubled using counting on but some of us already knew some.  We had a treasure hunt in the garden after Mrs Ball hid numicon outside.  We were challenged to find a piece and then hunt for ts double partner. Using chalk, we wrote the doubles and calculated the answers on the slabs.
Our phonics sound was ‘ar’.  We discovered loads of words and wrote them down together. Mrs Ball found a worksheet where we practised more words.
In Music, we sang and danced to Reach for the Stars and had the instruments out to accompany lots of other songs.  In some of the songs we even had to count on and back.
As the weather was so glorious, we had free time outside playing with bubbles. We practised our number sums and letters by writing them in water with paint brushes and chalked them on the floor
On Tuesday, we watched some videos to help us find words with today's sound 'or'.  We practised writing some on our whiteboards before we did a sheet in our books.  We also had the sound cards out and made more on the carpet with our friends.
In maths, we carried on looking at doubles.  Outside, we found a number of items and then doubled the amount we had.  We thought about this when we were working in our books.  Mrs Ball gave us some butterfly shapes  to stick in our books.  We had to draw dots on one wing and do the same on the opposite wing, making doubles.    We even wrote sums in our books to show our doubling skills.  
In the afternoon, we split in half and did two activities.  First we started to make our 'What a beautiful day' mobiles.  When one group was painting, the other group were looking through the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and searching for tricky truck words.  We found lots and made a poster of them and practised reading and spelling them.
We enjoyed watching a bit of Little Einsteins whilst we had our snacks and played with our friends in the glorious sunshine.  It's a good job we had our sun cream and hats on.  
Wednesday was very hot and the heat  zapped us of our energy.  We started the day by writing about another bear.  We looked at a picture of a bear and found out about it.  We are bear experts now.  We wrote some amazing facts in our books. 
Our phonics sound was ‘ur’.  Mrs Ball asked us to be detectives to find the real words with the ‘ur’sound and those that were nonsense words. It was a bit tricky but we found all of the real words. We were quick to think about the word ‘fur’ because a bear is covered in it.
As it was so hot, we cooled down after lunch with a bit of cosmic yoga.  We all felt very relaxed by the end of the session.
In Heartsmart, we had to think about what would happen if we were too scared and hadn’t got the courage to cross the swishy swishy grass, the squelch squirch mud, the big, dark forest, the swirling, whirling snowstorm and the narrow, gloomy cave on our bear hunt.  We acted out the story and decided which obstacle we might be too scared to cross. By the end of the story, nobody had had got to the cave, nobody had had any fun and we hadn’t met the bear.  
We decided that if you try to do the things that we are a little bit scared of, sometimes we feel better and we achieve more.  We talked about wearing, ‘I can do it’ hats and being brave.
We practised our doubling of numbers by throwing a dice and counting cubes, then doubling the number and finding the answer.  Lots of us found this easy and doubled numbers higher than 6.
On Wednesday we finished our sunshine  mobiles and took them home to display in our homes.  They are to remind us of all the beautiful days we are having in Rainbows and the beautiful day in the story, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.
Thursday was such a hot day and thank goodness we took the decision to postpone our walk to Forest School for our Teddy Bear's Picnic. Mrs Hope said we have been little troopers and worked so hard. 
We started with yoga and then drew an owl and wrote at least 6 words for the ow phoneme. Next, we looked at pictures of caves, drew our own and wrote adjectives to describe them. We looked for doubles in the dominoes box and we looked at the pattern for each number then we all made doubles of Mrs Hope's number with the stones.  We even used the stones to create the outline of a bear.  Along with reading, constructing with the mobilo and the Lego, drawing and writing in the writing corner and playing in the shade, we have had a very busy Thursday. To finish off, we had choc chip brioche and a drink.
On Friday, we played a domino game and a dice game to secure our doubles knowledge. We spelt out oi words and painted independently. We have played outdoors, weaving a fence to keep the bear out and creating wonderful dinosaur habitats. 
In preparation for our Teddy Bear's Picnic, we have made bear masks using a tenplate and an egg box for a nose.  We explored painting with a fork to create a furry effect and we are so pleased with them.  We can't wait to wear them.
We have created repeated patterns with the cotton reels and in the writing corner, we have drawn pictures but always written a sentence or two as well. After all, it is a writing corner!
Another busy week in Rainbows.  We are learning so much and having lots of fun.