Lent Gallery

14th March 2019
We welcomed Reverend Morris to school on Tuesday as we all found out about the meaning of Lent.  The morning started with an assembly where Reverend Morris told us about how Jesus went out into the wilderness for 40 days and nights.
After that, we went back to our classes to take part in different activities which we all shared with Reverend Morris.
Year 1 thought about things they might commit to giving up or doing during Lent.  Year 2 and 3 joined together to create wonderful Lent-related board games, where you move forwards if you stick to your commitments or resist temptation and backwards if you don't!
Year 4 used the morning to act out scenarios related to resisting temptation.  They thought about how they would react when faced with tricky decisions.  For example, what would you do if you found some money that had fallen on the floor?