Year 2 News: 29th March 2018

29th March 2018
Star of the Week:  Archie
Mathematician of the Week:  Ethan
Writer of the Week:  Harrison
Values Champion:  Theo
It has been a short but very busy week in Year 2.  We have been doing some maths and reading quizzes to show Miss Jones how much we have learned this term.  She was so impressed with us!
The week started with a quick visit from our Tai Chi teacher, Mrs Baker who has been teaching us lots of moves as well as facts about Chinese culture this term.  We have loved her lessons - she very kindly gave us all a lucky Chinese coin to keep and medals for two pupils who she was particularly impressed with!
We have been learning and writing about the Easter Story this week - everyone created a little book to take home.  We are looking forward to sharing the story with everyone at home.
Miss Jones is also very impressed with how lots of us are using our mental maths skills!  Practicing our times tables is really paying off, whilst many of us are using our number bonds and near-doubles to solve number problems.  As you can see from the picture, some of us even went bananas over our maths when we were working out fractions!
Our pointillism creations are coming along nicely too.  This week we started our collaborative project, creating rainforest backgrounds and a variety of rainforest animals.
We loved performing our Easter poem at Church on Wednesday, then had lots of fun hunting for eggs with the Easter Bunny at Hanbury Hall on Thursday.  We also had a mini-Easter hunt, finding eggs and chicks around the classroom in the afternoon!
We are very sad to say goodbye to Mrs Cashmore, who we have loved reading to each week.  We are really grateful to her for giving her time to help us and hope she will pop in to say hello whenever she can!