Art Club Gallery - Friendship

31st March 2020
Today we launched our first ever Twitter Art Club and were bowled over by the fantastic creations you sent us!
As soon as we announced the theme of today's Club, pupils, siblings, staff and their families all set to work.  Your FRIENDSHIP themed artwork can be viewed here in our gallery.
We love how so many of you picked up pencils, lego, clay, paints, sticks, stones and all kinds of materials to make marvellous masterpieces in just one hour!  Some of you stayed in, whilst others took their art outside.  The mix of ideas and creativity was a joy to share!
Please join us again on our Twitter feed, @HanburySchool this Thursday (that's 2 sleeps for those of us struggling to remember what day it is!) at 11 o'clock to take part in another 60 minutes of arty fun!
Shout out to everyone who joined us at Art Club today:  Josie, Martha, Annabelle, Ollie, Seb, Noah, Neive, Nora, Layla, Olivia, Ashley, Ellie, Milly, Elyssia, Miss Bishop, Mrs Towler, Mrs Kenny, Mrs Hope, Mrs Parmley, Miss Dancer, Mrs Mills, Miss Jones, Mr Shaw, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Williams and Mrs Harper.