To achieve the expected standard in maths, children need to be able to:
  • be competent in their number skills
  • use formal written calculation methods
  • secure their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages
  • have good problem solving and reasoning skills
  • have a range of strategies to use
At Hanbury, we follow a mastery maths scheme that uses high quality resources to provide a carefully crafted learning journey through the maths curriculum. We work hard to embed problem solving and reasoning into most maths lessons through an enquiry based approach that develops children's conceptual understanding of maths. 
Big Maths Beat That
Big Maths Beat That is used as a weekly progress check. The children have set times in which they have to answer a number of calculations. Each week they try to beat their previous score. 
Children acquire the basic skills of maths through CLIC. CLIC is a 4 stage process.
Children learn to count and carry on.
Learn Its
Children then shortcut this counting by recalling their counting on as facts.
It's Nothing New
Children then 'swap the thing' to realise that the counting fact or 'learn it' can be applied to any other object, amount or unit of measure. 
The previous three phases are combined to provide a calculation structure.
We believe that children need a structured and regular basic skills session to become properly numerate.