Year 4 News: 9th May 2021

9th May 2021

Star of the week: Mia
Mathematician of the week: Freddie
Writer of the week: Annabelle
Rocking Reader: Charlotte
Values Champion (Kindness & Compassion): Mollie-May  

We are pleased to see that we have many budding actors in Year Four.  It is clear that many of the children are familiarising themselves with their lines for the Year Four performance and some have even started to learn them. This is Literacy homework.  

We are moving along with Goodnight Mr Tom and have read Chapter Four this week. The children can choose to read aloud to the class and this is a good way of assessing their reading skills. Activities based around the text show their understanding of the book so far. This week. using their knowledge and understanding of Chapter Three, the children have written diaries as Willie, describing all that he saw and the people he met as he went into the village and then into town with Tom.  

Finding the perimeters and areas of rectilinear shapes tested the children in maths this week and they also honed their protractor skills, estimating and measuring angles in shapes.  

In Topic we looked at the countries of the alliances and created a WW1 map to show the Triple Entente countries, the Triple Alliance countries, their allies and neutral countries. 

We are entering The Pershore Plum Festival Art Competition this year, which will showcase the history of market gardening in the Vale of Evesham. We have looked at old photographs and heard accounts from people who worked in market gardening. They were very excited to hear that German prisoners of war in WW1 worked in the market gardens and many plants were grown there to treat wounded soldiers at the front. The children have designed their pieces of art. This week they will begin to create their designs using collage.  

Another packed week in Year Four!