Mr Payne's Parking Plea

16th March 2021
Mr Payne has made the following plea to parents dropping off and picking up their children.  Please bear in mind that we will always keep your children safe if you are delayed at the end of the day so please don't panic and take an extra few minutes to park safely.
"It was so good to receive all the pupils back last week, it is starting to feel like a school again and not just a building. The children have been magnificent, both those who have returned from home schooling and those who have been with us throughout the last lockdown. There is nothing better than seeing the children with smiling faces, walking (or running) into school with their friends, looking forward to the day ahead.
"Unfortunately, since our return my staff and I have seen some heart stopping events which seriously worry us.
"Parking on School Road opposite the Yellow Zig Zag lines is extremely dangerous and not fair on drivers not associated with the school who have to drive on the opposite side of the road to get past, not able to see over the hill.
"Letting children, walk in front of you, on School Road over the blind hill is an accident waiting to happen. However careful the driver, they are probably not expecting children or adults in the lane or a car door to open and children to step out in to the middle of the road.
"Please can I ask you to think about parking safely and courteously when dropping off your children and picking them up from school. We know parking is always an issue around the school but we have noticed that despite there being room on the car park, parents and carers are deciding to park in places, which are not only putting their own lives at risk but others road users as well.
"I am seriously concerned that those families who are associated with this wonderful school, including all the staff and I, will have to come to terms with a tragic event which will live with us for a very long time. A few minutes saved by not parking safely could cost us all dearly!
"Many motorists do travel within the speed limit which is 40mph! However, a high percentage travel at 60mph plus, even during drop off and pick up.
"The Governors and I, along with the Parish Council, have been working on reducing the speed limit and asking for safety measures for many years without much success but I feel we can reduce much of the dangerous ourselves just by thinking."