Reception News: 28th November 2019

28th November 2019

Star of the Week:  Zach
Mathematician of the Week:  Rosie
Writer of the Week:  Lilia
Rocking Reader:  Molly
Values Champion (Respect):  Seb

Maths:  Washing line number and place value...

I provided the children with pictures of flowers to arrange on the washing line in order. We began with 2 pictures and added more as the children gained confidence. As they worked I encouraged them to use the language more than and fewer than to compare and order the pictures.

I encouraged them to adjust their placing of the pictures as they worked for example they might initially place 4 next to 2 saying 4 is more but then need to move it along in order to put 3 into the correct place. They then can see that 3 is more than 2 but less than 4.
Key questions:
Which is more?  Where will you place this on the washing line?  Can you find a picture with fewer than mine?  Can you find a picture more than mine?  Are there any others?  Can you find a picture more than.... but less than...?

We are working on the children being able to explain their thinking.

Hidden shapes...

We put a selection of shapes made with different amounts of linking cubes into a freely bag. The children had to choose a shape and feel how many cubes there were before they looked. Their friend then had to feel in the bag to find a shape with fewer cubes, more cubes and the same amount of cubes as them.
The children then ordered the shapes from the fewest cubes to the most cubes.

Literacy:  Whatever Next!

We have enjoyed using the story map to re tell the story of "Whatever Next!". We are embedding the use of Pie Corbett actions for the connective words and able to apply them to our own narratives to connect ideas.

We looked at the part of the text where Baby Bear packs his things to take to the moon. We thought about what we might take to the moon and why. We used our sound mats to help us to form our letters correctly.

We have been, clapping, stamping, bouncing, hopping and lots more to the beat. We love expressing ourselves with a different genre of music each week. This weeks music was "Sing a Rainbow" by Peggie Lee that we listened and responded to. We really enjoy our weekly music sessions. We then learnt the actions to the "Name Song", "This Old Man", "Five Little Ducks" and the tricky "Things for Fingers" song. Mrs Mills was so proud as some of the children volunteered to sing the name song as a solo.
Forest School:  Hanbury Hall...
We’ve been working so hard with the nativity so I’m looking forward to letting the children play in the natural play area den building and the park if we have a good session as a treat. It will be nice to be out with them this week, I’m looking forward to it!