Year 4 News: 27th November 2020

27th November 2020
Star of the Week: Amber
Mathematician of the Week: Freddie
Writer of the Week: Harry R
Rocking Reader: Lily-Mae
Values Champion (Respect): Mollie-May
Another busy week in Year Four.
We continue to enjoy The Sheep Pig and the children are showing us not only just how well they can read but what amazing understanding of the text they have too. The emphasis in Literacy lessons this term is on inference and deduction to sharpen the skills needed in comprehension, addressing deeper reading skills in preparation for the Year 5 curriculum. 
There was great excitement on Thursday as the children constructed their Christingles. We think a few dolly mixtures may have found their way into eager mouths rather than onto the four sticks, and that includes the staff! We all shared a beautiful moment as we lit the Christingles and the children reflected on the significance of each element. They all behaved impeccably, having listened carefully to Mrs Hope's safety rules. They then drew exploded diagrams of their Christingles and wrote in detail about each part. They shared some wonderful ideas and, as always, showed us just how thoughtful they can be. 
Thank you for all the junk modelling that is coming in for the Viking longships. Mrs Hope has set a day aside next Friday so that the children can construct their models and, time allowing, test them too. 
In maths, we have been working with triangles and quadrilaterals, thinking about their different properties and, in particular, their angles. The children have explored the different shapes and drawn them, thinking carefully about accuracy and neatness. 
With that in mind, please could all homework be neatly presented, as we would expect in class. Maths should be done in pencil. Thank you.