Oar-some Hanbury Headteacher Inspires at World Rowing Regatta

10th September 2019

Pupils from Hanbury C of E First School are looking forward to hearing how their Headteacher fairs this weekend, as he and his Worcester Rowing Club-mates head to Lake Velence in Hungary to compete against teams from all over the world.

Mr Payne has two races on Thursday - the first day of The FISA World Rowing Masters Championships.  He will be part of a team of 4, then later 8 rowers aiming to triumph over strong crews from Germany, Russia, The Netherlands and beyond.

He will take part in 3 more races at the competition which ends on Sunday.

Mr Payne hopes that this terrific opportunity will inspire pupils at Hanbury School:

“Like many children, I wasn’t a natural footballer or cricketer but was very fortunate to take up rowing at an early age.  It has been a fantastic sport for me,” he said.

“Rowing has helped with my physical and mental wellbeing, it inspired me to go to Loughborough University and has given me countless opportunities to compete at regattas all over the country – and now Europe!

“I know we have a lot of children at Hanbury who enjoy sport – some at high levels, others just for fun,” added Mr Payne.  “I strongly believe we should be encouraging everyone to find a physical activity they enjoy, whether they want a happy, healthy lifestyle or to be the next Olympic champion!”

Mr Payne’s ethos is shared by everyone at the school, which was recently rewarded with the award of the nationally-recognised Gold Schools Games Award.

PE lessons are of a high standard and offer a diverse range of activities.  Teachers have been trained in a new ‘Real PE’ programme which challenges each child to build on their own level of skill, whilst over the last year visiting coaches have delivered lessons in Zumba, golf, yoga, football, street dance, skipping and hockey.

Ahead of his trip to Hungary, Mr Payne shared his favourite sport during a special assembly this week.  The children enjoyed hearing about his achievements and will be keeping track of his progress via the regatta website:  wrmr2019.hu and via his own Twitter handle: @MrPayneRowing !

Thursday: 07.48 BST  (2007)  C-Coxless Fours
Thursday: 15.48 BST  (2135)  D-Eights

Friday:  09.32 BST  (3021)  D-Fours
Friday:  12.02 BST  (3067)  C-Eights

Saturday:  13.17 BST  (4091)  D-Coxless Fours