Paralympian Puts Us Through our Paces!

31st January 2019
We welcomed a very special guest to school on Tuesday who wasted no time in putting us all through our paces!
Darren Harris is a Paralympian who represents Great Britain as part of the Blind Football team.  He and Sportivator, Jack Rutter spent the afternoon delivering a heart-pumping workout session to every class.
Pupils have been collecting sponsorship for their workout which included spotty dogs, mountaineer lunges, push-ups and star jumps.  They worked hard to complete the session and are now busy collecting their sponsorship money to bring into school.
After the workout, Darren took a school assembly where he explained how his career has grown and the skills he has learned to enable him to play football.  He showed us a special football that has ball bearings inside and explained that he uses sound to help direct his passes and shots on goal.
Some of us even got to have a go at passing the ball to each other whilst wearing a blindfold - Darren told us we did really well!
Darren and Jack's inspirational visit was made possible by Sports for Schools and follows a visit 2 years ago by Olympic gymnast Dominic Cunningham.