Rainbows News: 12th July 2020

12th July 2020

Another busy, but exciting week in Rainbows.  We started with some tricky phonics, learning how to spell words that begin and end with 2 consonants.  We watched Kim and practised writing words and adding  sound buttons and digraph lines. 

We have used the playground and walls to write words in chalk.  We think we have improved our reading and our spelling. 

In writing, we have been very imaginative.  We are working towards writing a new book.  It is going to be called, ‘We’re Going on a Dinosaur Hunt.’  We have thought about the different settings we might come across on our hunt.  We thought about a volcano, the ocean, a rainforest, a jungle and a thunderstorm.  We have recorded some adjectives for each setting and also some sounds to represent them too.   

We’ve been learning about odd and even numbers in maths.  We used the numicon to work out whether numbers had partners.  If they had a partner, the number was even but if it was missing a partner, it’s odd.  We played a game outside where we had to divide ourselves into two teams so we could share two boats to cross the river.  We found numbers that were odd and even using the numicon and cubes.  Take a look at the photos to see us working hard. 

For a little art project, we have collected sticks and created a skeleton of a dinosaur.  It looks amazing.  We had to work very carefully choosing small sticks, shaped ones and longer ones to represent the bones. 

Music was listening to some favourite songs and joining in with them. 

On Tuesday, we became experts on odd and even numbers.  We shared food between dinosaurs and talked about the numbers that were odd.  When it was an odd number, we found we had a piece of food left over but when it was even number, both dinosaurs had equal shares.   

We took this further and Mrs Ball showed us that alternate numbers are odd and even.  We counted up to 10 in order and could see a pattern especially when we used numicon.   

Because Mrs Ball was so impressed, she gave us an even higher number 24.  We know that the last digit is 4 and that is an even number so 24 is even.  Mrs Ball drew a pattern of partners and we proved we were correct. 

Our phonics practise continued making words with 2 consonants at the beginning and then we watched Kim who showed us more words with 2 consonants at the end of a word too.  We practised reading words form the phase 4 phonics box.  We are getting quite good at it.   

After writing about settings yesterday, we decided as a group what our new 5 settings would be.  We have had to choose our favourite adjectives to describe each setting and the sound bursts too.  We worked hard in small teams on our story map. 

In the afternoon, we were able to choose from jigsaw puzzles, threading beads, sounds practise, writing at the writing table and we all had a turn painting with Mrs Kenny. 

We took it in turn to help Mrs Kenny to put our dinosaur skeleton in a habitat.  We think it is absolutely awesome.  Mrs Ball thinks it should be displayed in a gallery somewhere where people pay to see it! 

We mixed colours, learned about different brush techniques and added white to make colours lighter.  You have to see the pictures! 

We ended the day with a story about an Owl who could only 'Twit' and not 'Twoo'!  We learned that it is the lady owls that 'twit' and the boys 'twoo' and that is how they find a partner.  It was lovely to learn that once a tawny owl finds a partner, it is often a partner for life. 

Wedneday was another busy one.  We continued to practise words that start or end with two consonants.  We read lots of words and had a go at spelling them.  We even managed to add the sound buttons and digraph lines without any help. 

In maths, Mrs Ball said we could try some really hard work on odd and even numbers.  We did a sheet where we had to decide whether the numbers in the bubbles were odd or even.  Some of the numbers were two digits long, there was even 100 but we know that if we look at the last digit in the number, we can work out if it is odd or even. If it has a partner it will be even, if it doesn’t have a partner, it’s odd. 

We have finished our story map for our new story, We’re Going on a Dinosaur Hunt. We have written key words for the story including the sounds and the textures.  We included lots of super describing words which we know are called adjectives. Have a look at the picture of it hanging up in the classroom. 

We chose different activities in the afternoon, worked as a team, painted dinosaurs or fossils and we did some yoga whilst listening to the story of Anna and Elsa in Frozen.  

On Thursday we went on two yoga adventures, one with a dragon and the other with a frog. We have used 2D shapes to make dinosaurs and named them all. We have written cccvcc words and used our favourite one in a sentence.  We have felt number shapes inside a feely bag, deciding whether they are odd and even, explaining why and then sorting them. We know that even numbers end in 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 and odd numbers end in 1, 3, 5, ,7 and 9 so we  were able to identify odd and even numbers all the way to 100.  

In the afternoon, we independently drew around the shapes onto paper, cut them out and created our own shape dinosaurs to take home.  

Along with all that, we completed a really difficult dinosaur puzzle, used stencils to make pictures and words and constructed with the Duplo and the Lego. Another busy day at the writing table too. We are able to organise ourselves really sensibly when not working with a teacher and use our time constructively.  

You'll never believe it, but on Friday we saw teddy bears having a picnic in the woods at forest school!

We crept up quietly but they didn't notice us as we were in disguise (we were wearing our bear masks). On the way to the woods, we sang the song 'The Teddy Bears Picnic' and we had to walk through thick, oozy mud just like in our story, 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. Squelch, squerch! One teddy even hitched a ride to the picnic in Mrs Hope's backpack!

Some of the bears were playing hide and seek so we joined in to help find them. We made a lovely home for Mrs Hope's teddy where he would be warm and dry. The teddies invited us to sit with them and have a snack. We had animal shaped biscuits. They had croissants! We got back to school just as the rain started so we had our picnic in the classroom. We didn't have croissants though!