Rainbows News: 14th June 2020

14th June 2020
On Monday we discovered paw prints in our classroom.  Something had been in!  We did some detective work and realised it was a bear.  We thought the bear might have come looking for food.  So, we learned about the different types of bears, where their habitats are and what food they like to eat.  Some bears, such as Black Bears and Brown Bears like to catch fish so we thought they may be looking for the pond either at the Jinney Ring, Hanbury Hall or even our pond in school.  Thankfully, we haven't actually seen any sightings of any bears.
For our writing, we did a spider diagram to collect all our facts.  We used coloured felts and big pieces of paper so we could use it to write senteces in our books. We have chosen our favourite type of bear and written some facts about them  We know where bears live and what they like to eat.  
We listened to the story, We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.  We are going to use this book in the next few weeks to do some writing activities. 
In our maths we have been practising taking away.  We practised outside with pinecones and played a bus stop game too.  In our garden, we used stones to count and we were challenged to take away given numbers.  Mrs Ball and Mrs Hope were so impressed that they gave us a worksheet to do.  They were very impressed with us all.
We have practised our phonics by reading the sounds, writing them and spelling different words containing the sounds.  We even used some of the objects outside to make 'ch' .
Our art work was making bears using materials from the natural environment and we did our own bear hunt too where we had to find bears that were hiding from us both inside and outside the classroom.