Rainbows News: 21st June 2020

21st June 2020

We have worked our socks off this week.  Mrs Ball and Mrs Hope cannot believe what talented individuals we are in Rainbows.  They have nicknamed us ‘The Magnificent Seven’!

We have been counting backwards from 20 by playing the bus stop game.  We started with 20 passengers and the bus stopped at different places and people got off .  We worked out how many were left on the bus by taking away from 20. 

We were given actual sums to do as we already know the take away and the equals sign.   Some of us even made up our own sums taking away from 20.  We have counted in twos and have blown the teachers away!   

We have revised the sounds aiee, igho and long and short oo  in phonics.  We watched Polly and then wrote words on our whiteboards.  In our books we have used our sounds to write our sentences.  Mrs Hope and Mrs Ball are super impressed with our finger spaces, letter formation and how we can use our sounds when we write. 

We practised writing in chalk outside, blew bubbles and sent them soaring skywards and got the sound cards out where we made lots more words.   

Mrs Ball taught us a song and we had the instruments out in music.  We sang "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" to the keyboard and used the percussion instruments to accompany it.  We’ve even practised the names of the instruments. 

On Tuesday morning we went on a bear hunt.  We walked to the forest school area at Jinney Ring.  We saw evidence of a bear in tracks on the floor in the mud, trees that had been scratched, berries on the floor and stones from fruits that the bear had eaten!  We even saw a huge paw print. 

We had a chocolate bread swirl as a snack, we read the story together on the grass and lay on our backs looking for pictures in the clouds.  Then we carried on hunting. 

We didn't find a bear, much to the disappointment of some, but we found "swishy-swashy" grass, a "stumble trip" forest, a pond that had "splash-splosh" water in it, "squelch-squerch" mud (well more dry crumbly cracked mud) and we built a cave for the bear using great team work. 

Have a look at our pictures.  We carried logs safely by dragging them or doing it with a partner and we rolled the heavy bits so we didn't hurt our backs. 

We checked the bear wasn't by the duck pond but we only found ducks who were keen to chat to us.  There was an island in the middle of the pond and we know there is fish in it so we think the bear might be on the island in the middle.   

The storm clouds were gathering so we made sure we got back to school before the rain and the rumbles of thunder. 

Just before lunch, we heard scratching sounds and noises coming from the stock cupboard.  Mrs Ball tried to open the door but something was holding it shut.  Mrs Kenny had to pull Mrs Ball to get the door open.  You'll never guess what we found.  It was a huge brown bear

Have a look at the photos to see what the bear got up to in the afternoon.  He had his lunch outside with us, watched us play together and even kept his beady eye on us when we were doing our collage art activity.  Unfortunately, Mrs Ball had to release the bear but we know he had a great time with Rainbows Reception and made lots of lovely friends.

With Mrs Hope and Mrs Williams' help, we created a whole class story map using blocks and collage materials to recreate the story. This helped us to write our own individual story maps. Mrs Hope was amazed by what we achieved by the end of the week.  We could all retell the story using the pictures and we put lots of detail in our writing.  

We were challenged to build a dark, narrow, gloomy cave using lego and we used the pegs and boards to create patterns. 

After using clay to sculpt bears last week, we carefully painted them and have left them to dry.  They look awesome.   

Keeping our bear theme going all the way to the end of the week, we made biscuits.  You guessed it, they were bear face shaped!