Rainbows News: 5th July 2020

5th July 2020
We started the week by looking at the digraph "ear" and found words which contained this sound. Mrs Ball and Mrs Kenny were amazed by the many words that we found.  We also learned a trick to remember to spell the word "hear".  Ask us about it!
Something extraordinary happened in Rainbows on Tuesday...  Whilst we were exploring the garden, we discovered a huge egg.  Harry straight away said it was from a Mummy dinosaur.  We thought about leaving it in the garden but some of us thought that a predator might come and take it and destroy it so we decided to try and protect it.
We have thought about all the things we need to do in order to look after such a fragile thing.  We have to keep it warm and safe. Mrs Ball has asked us to think about the things we could use to make a nest for it.   We want to make sure we do our best to protect it so that it might hatch. 
On Monday afternoon, we started to learn how to share equally.  We used the pine cones to share.  Mrs Ball and Mrs Kenny worked with us and asked us to share different amounts of pine cones out between two.  We were really quite good at this and so they made it more difficult.  Sometimes, there was one pine cone left and it wouldn’t be fair for one person to have an extra one.  Some of us said we could split it in half or take turns to have the extra one.  Others decided that we should just leave the one cone left over on the side.
We also watched an episode of Andy’s dinosaur adventure and chosen different activities from making patterns, painting, doing a dinosaur jigsaw and working at the writing table. 
Tuesday was just as busy.  We started the day with our phonics and the digraph "air" as in "hair" and "chair".  We had lots of suggestions but we soon realised that it is a tricky sound because care and share also sound the same but they don't have "air" in them.
Our writing was instructions to keep the dinosaur egg safe because we thought Mrs Williams and Mrs Hope might need a little guidance for later in the week.  
We had some super suggestions and we talked about giving each instruction a number so that it would be easy to read our important information.  
Our maths was sharing again. 
We made a nest to keep our dinosaur egg safe and collected lots of things that we thought might protect it.  Have a look at the pictures and ask us what we decided to use.
We chose from different activities in the afternoon. There was writing at the writing table, maths sums puzzles, a jigsaw to do, sounds to practise and painting.
We looked at the different types of dinosaurs on Wednesday and shared our already amazing information.  We  watched videos and read information about them on espresso.  We also discovered that we have 'Jurassic experts' in Rainbows bubble!
Our writing was amazing.  Mrs Ball was so pleased that we used adjectives to describe the dinosaur's features and characteristics.  We had to stick a picture of our favourite dinosaur in our books and write a factfile about it.  We even used words such as carnivore and herbivore!
In maths, we worked with Mrs Williams to carry on sharing.  We were learning that it is only accurate when we share equally and take equal turns to take a cube or whatever we are sharing, from the middle. 
Our phonic sound was "er" as in "ladder", so we had fun discovering lots of words to write on the rungs of the ladder we had in our books.  There are so many words that we didn't have time to write them all.  Some of us practised doubling the consonant to spell the words correctly too.  Wow, the English language can be so complicated!
We played hide and seek outside and Mrs Kenny pretended to be a dinosaur.  We had to escape before she caught up.  It was great fun.
In the afternoon, we  learned about primary and secondary colours by mixing paint and creating a colour wheel.  Ask us about the different colours and how they are made.
We enjoyed a bit of cosmic yoga at the end of the day to chill us all out ready for the journey home
On Thursday, we wrote ccvc words and added sound buttons. We wrote six sentences about the dinosaur we would like to hatch from the egg.
We printed with objects from around the classroom (we are so independent at the art table) and made shapes on the pegboards.
We have completed additions and subtractions independently and built amazing imaginary worlds for the dinosaurs and two sharing sheets (some of us did three) and been creative with collage materials.
We were lucky enough to play in the new playhouse too and even asked Mr Payne to knock before he came in.
We finished off the day by persevering to stack cups as Boris from Heartsmart says "Don't give up, try again!" ... and we did!  Another packed day with yoga and lots of writing at the writing table too.