Rainbows News: 6th June 2020

6th June 2020
What a lovely week we have had in Rainbows!  The children all settled very quickly and we have enjoyed lots of fun and laughter along with a bit of work too.
We have done a lot of playing in the garden as the weather was glorious at the start of the week and we hadn't seen our friends for so long.  The dinosaurs came out to play, we had bubbles and used the mud kitchen too.
We watched a clip showing the Space X rocket launch taking the American astronauts to the International Space Station and had a great discussion about space, the solar system and the moon.
Mrs Ball read a book called The Sea of Tranquility by Chris Birmingham which is a story about a little boy who dreams of going to the moon and how he watched the footage of the night that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did actually walk on the moon.   The story told us that the footprints of the men are still there today. So, we painted our feet and made our own footprints and we have put them on the moon on our display on the wall.
We have learned a song about the planets in the Solar System and we know a rhyme to help us remember the order of the planets.  We all chose our favorite planet, researched what it like and painted it.  We have completed some writing in our books and practised our handwriting.  We have also used counters to help us to remember our number bonds to 10.