Reading Planet: Online Reading Scheme

We are aware that the online reading platform is experiencing technical difficulties and we are in regular contact with Rising Stars to try and get the system back up to speed.

In the meantime, there are several online reading websites that you might like to use.

Oxford Owls  ties into the book band system we use at school
Book Trust


Worcestershire Libraries also offer free access to online books, magazines and audiobooks to anyone who has a library membership.

If you prefer the feel of a “real” book, they offer a “reserve and collect” service.

For more details, or to sign up as a member if you aren’t already, click here: 


As a school, we have subscribed to "Reading Planet", an Online Library.  This will allow us to assign reading books to each individual child, based on the level of their reading at the time of school closures, just like we would if we were in school.

This will provide a more structured approach to reading and will help the children maintain the pace they were reading with at school.  It will also help them consolidate the comprehension skills they were developing.

The books will be allocated by the class teacher and can be accessed by logging in using your child’s unique username and password.  Once your child has finished reading their book, there will be a short quiz to assess their understanding of what they have read.

We have trialled this with a selection of pupils and staff and it seems to work best on either a PC or iPad with accessing the texts straight forward and self-explanatory once you are logged in.  We have added user guide to this section of the website, but basic instructions are outlined below. 

Your class teacher will send access logins to you via the Seesaw app, so if you have not yet accessed it then please do.  It is important that your child completes the quiz at the end of reading by themselves as this can be used as a way of assessing their progress. 

The class teacher will check the reading reports regularly and will allocate new books when needed. 

Click here to go to:; this should take you to the login page.

Enter your child’s username and password (sent to you via Seesaw). Once you have accepted the terms and conditions you will then have the choice of two libraries; Reception & KS1 or KS2.

The library you access will depend on the reading tape your child is on.

Reception and KS1:  Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Turquoise, Purple, Gold and White.

KS2:  Lime, Brown, Grey, Blue, Red.

Once you have chosen the correct library, you will be taken to your child’s library of books. There will be three tabs:  "My Books", "My Achievements" and "Books I’ve Read".

Newly allocated books and books that have not yet been completed will appear under the first tab. To read the book, simply click on open and begin.  When you have finished the book and the quizzes, you need to click on the finished button and the book will move to the ‘Books I’ve Read’ tab.

Each eBook in Reading Planet Online has one or more ‘checkpoint’ quizzes that appear at intervals throughout the book.  These checkpoint quizzes are designed to check children’s understanding of the text up until that point and are indicated by the animated quiz icon.

At the end of every book there is a longer quiz that checks overall understanding of the text.
As withe the checkpoint quizzes, the pupil clicks on the animated icon to launch it.  They then submit the answer to each question as they go, navigating through the quiz by clicking on the next question number in circles.
The clipboard icon submits all answers, the quiz in instantly marked and the pupil is awarded a bronze, silver or gold star according to their score.  Pupils are given the opportunity to review their answers at the end of each quiz.
A more in-depth user guide can be found by clicking here.  If you have any specific issues or queries, please contact your class teacher via See-Saw.