Reception News: 10th May 2019

10th May 2019

Star of the Week: George
Mathematician of the Week: Lexie
Writer of the Week: Liberty
Rocking Reader: Thomas
Values Champion (Kindness & Compassion): Lorianna

This week Reception class had an intruder! One Tuesday morning the children came in to find the classroom a mess. Someone had been sitting on Mrs Dallow's chair. Someone had been sitting on Mrs Ellis’ chair. Then we discovered porridge oats all over the classroom floor and someone ate Mrs Dallow's porridge. The children tidied up and we tried to work out who it was. Some children thought it might be the three bears or Goldilocks and some children thought the Big Bad Wolf had done it. We have been writing about who has done it and then we pretended to be the person who made the mess and wrote a letter to Reception to say sorry.

In maths this week we have continued to identify our double number facts. Also we have been looking at position, distance and measuring. The children have been measuring sticks, playdough, each other using rulers, mobilo and cubes. Some children have been measuring how far a car goes when rolling it down a piece of drainpipe. It has been great fun.

In RE we have been looking at special people and talking about why we are special. The children then decorated a star and wrote about why their friend is so special. The children came up with some lovely ideas.