Reception News: 10th October 2019

10th October 2019
Star of the Week:  Sebastian 
Mathematician of the Week:  Bleubelle
Writer of the Week: Dylan
Rocking Reader: Pennie
Values Champion (Friendship): Ethan 
What a busy week we have had  in Reception Class Science, RE, Harvest Service, Phonics and learning all about owls.
In phonics this week we have learnt to recognise and form the letters: 'u,'y', 'r' and 'l' correctly. We are also continuing to read and write the 'tricky' words: 'I the, to, no, go and into'
Counting this week. We provided the children with party items cakes, plates, cups etc to set the table ready for a fifth birthday party. How many guests can come to the party? What number is on the confetti? The children really enjoyed this activity, it looked like a great party when they had finished! We saw some super teamwork too, which is lovely to see! 
This week has also been all about sorting. We have got may opportunities for the children to sort. Can they sort the plates, bowls, cups and cutlery by colour? Can they sort them by type? How could they sort the food? Can they find more than one way? The children also had a variety of socks to sort and a washing line to peg them into sets. This is also a great skill to show you at home and help with the washing :)
I just want to take the time to say a massive thank you on behalf of Droitwich food bank. We were totally overwhelmed with yours and the children's generosity. The children took great pleasure in presenting their gifts for people in need. I'm sure you will agree the children sang absolutely beautifully in church and I was so impressed with their behaviour! 
We had a postcard from Sarah, Percy and Bill (the owl babes) asking for our help. We took the children's ideas and decided to go and fill up the bird feeders around the school grounds to make sure they have enough food. We know that owls are nocturnal and we won't see them in the day eating the food, so we are going to monitor the feeders to see if they are eating it.
Another fabulous week in Reception.