Reception News: 11th December 2020

11th December 2020

Star of the Week: Fred W
Mathematician of the Week: Megan
Writer of the Week: Lillianna
Rocking Reader: Lyla
Values Champion (Respect): Fred P

This week the children have been getting creative with glitter and paint. They have worked hard making special cards, decorations and calendars for loved ones to enjoy.

On Thursday Reception had a great time at the Christmas party! We enjoyed playing a few games such as musical snowman, pin the nose on the snowman and knock Santa off the chimney, as well as enjoying the chance to show off our dance moves. Afterwards, it was delightful to all sit down and enjoy our festive lunch with a special party bag including many lovely surprises. Thank you to Hanbury Friends for helping to make this party so special!

This week in Maths the children have been introduced to patterns. The children enjoyed creating a wonderful paperchain using three different colours to create a repeating pattern. Each morning the children have proudly admire their paperchain which has been used to decorate the classroom. We have also explored patterns in a range of contexts including sizes, shapes and actions through using Lego, peg boards, paints, and dance movements.