Reception News: 15th October 2020

15th October 2020

On Monday we received a strange parcel, inside we found a recipe, complete with all the ingredients, a hat, and a cloak.

As a class we decided to follow the recipe just in case it was to make some delicious cakes. However, whilst reading out and adding the revolting ingredients we soon realised that this may be the recipe for a spell or potion. As Mrs Mol added the final ingredient, the potion ‘exploded’. When Mrs Holman drank the potion, she turned into a toad.

To lead on from this excitement we have been making our own potions using different qualities and exploring different textures. We have also been using and applying our phonic knowledge whilst writing a list of ingredients for our own potions.  

During Maths we have enjoyed another week exploring shape. The children have thoroughly enjoyed all the activities which have been available to access independently or with the support of an adult. Some of these have included making 2D shapes using cocktail sticks and marshmallows, using different shapes to create shape monsters, creating pictures and 3D models using magnetic shapes and exploring to properties of 3D shapes.  

Our favourite day in reception is Friday because we have PE! This term the children have really impressed Mrs Holman and Mrs Mol with their ability to follow instructions and boundaries whilst out on the playground using the PE equipment. We start every lesson warming up to get our hearts beating and the blood circulating the oxygen around our bodies. The children enjoy noticing these changes and take time to feel their hearts beating. This term we have been developing the children’s key multi-skills. Each lesson the children have a variety of activity stations set up to participate in. These have involved running, jumping, hopping, balancing and throwing.