Reception News: 16th January 2020

16th January 2020
Star of the Week: Molly
Writer of the Week: Zach
Rocking Reader: Ethan
Mathematician of the Week: Albert
Values Champion: Oliver
Phonics:  We are working really had to learn those digraphs. This week we have learnt ng, oa, and ai. Super work Reception Class!
Super Veg:  This week we have been making our super vegetable characters based on our text "Supertato". The children have enjoyed cutting, sticking and adding lots of accessories to their vegetable. We let the children be creative and work as independently as possible the results were fantastic. Well done these vegetables look super!

Maths:  This week we have been finding different ways of making 5 we used the number shapes to investigate which smaller numbers combine to make exactly 2,3,4 or 5. We encouraged them to check by sitting them on top of the whole number. Is there more than one combination? Which number has the most combinations?

They were super at articulating their thinking e.g. 2 add 2 add 1 equals 5. Well done