Reception News: 17th October 2019

17th October 2019
Star of the Week: Rosie
Rocking Reader: Zach
Writer of the Week: Caitlyn
Mathematician of the Week: Jacob
Values Champion (Friendship): Ruby
Maths:  This week we are digging deeper.  We encouraged the children to build a tower then explored other shapes they could build with up to 5 cubes. How many different ways can you find? This task reinforces the counting principles and assess their stable order, one-to-one, cardinality and especially order irrelevance. The children enjoyed exploring different shapes they could build using 2,3,4 and 5 blocks. Well done Reception you found lots of ways!
Using our fine motor skills we had to sort animals into different colour, shapes, size etc into several small pots. The children had to explain how they sorted them. It is a really good skill to get children to explain why and how they do things. This supports their reasoning for more tricky problem solving in the future
Guess my rule we started with different buttons and I sorted them. I told them I had a sorting rule but they needed to guess what it is. Once they knew the sorting rule they could choose a button and place it in the correct hoop. The children were super detectives and could spot the rule. Great work!
Phonics:  This week we have been learning to form our 'b, h, j and w' correctly. We are working really had to blend and segment our CVC words using our robot arms. The more we practice the easier it will become :)
Literacy:  The children came up with some super adjectives to describe how the owl babies might be feeling when their mother was gone. We worked together to model some examples of speech bubbles using the children's super ideas. The children then went on to write their own thinking what else the Owl Babies could have said to each other that night. Thinking about the patterns in the story.
We have been focusing on letter formation to make sure the children are writing clearly identifiable letters
School photos:  The children looked ever so smart and brought their best smiles to school on Wednesday for the photos. We can't wait to see the photographs, their first ones at school.